Raw Post Punk Album Covers

Raw Post Punk Album Covers

The fusion of graffiti, street art, neo-expressionism, and primitivism creates an album art style characterized by urban aesthetics, expressive brushwork, and rawness. It combines bold forms, vibrant colors, and stylized sprays from graffiti and street art. Influenced by neo-expressionism, it emphasizes subjective expression, emotional intensity, and gestural brushwork, with added rawness and simplicity. This prompt style showcases urban vitality, social commentary, and immediacy, exploring themes of identity, social injustice, and the human experience in dynamic and energetic compositions.

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Additionally, while the Midjourney prompt used generated square images, using the Generative Fill feature of Photoshop Beta, I created the landscape format image at the top of the post, which filled in the additional paint blots left and right of the angry kangaroo.

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