Outer Space Discovery

Simple Prompt

Pick a celestial body, and let Midjourney (v6) do the rest:

Close-up photo of an astronaut, side view, [Earth,Mars,Moon,Saturn,Venus,Jupiter,Neptune,Uranus], movie still --ar 21:9 --v 6.0

The v6 version works very well with simplified prompts. No more “8K, ultrarelasitic, 3D, 360 degree, 120fps, 5.1 surround sound, smell-o-vision” shanigans. Just a simple prompt, and Midjourney v6 will do the rest.

To make images even more realistic, less stylised (think lensflare, particles, bokeh), you can add the --style raw and --s 0 flags.
(of course, our prompt does include “movie still”, so it’s not entirely realistic, but you get the idea)
PS: can you tell wich images are highly stylized (--s 250)?

Now with v6 you can add text, put into quotation marks, to be part of, or overlay onto the image:

Close-up photo of an astronaut, side view, [Earth,Mars,Moon,Saturn,Venus,Jupiter,Neptune,Uranus], movie title still with large centred title text overlay "inter astra" --ar 21:9 --v 6

Though you may need to reroll a couple of times to get the right text in place.