Midjourney Style Tuner

Midjourney Style Tuner

Midjourney Style Tuner

Dive into the world of creative customization with Midjourney’s Style Tuner!

Simply type in the /tune command + prompt in Discord. The MJ bot will respond with a shareable link, and watch as a gallery of visually stunning samples, each with its own unique flair, springs to life from your original prompt. It’s like having an art gallery at your fingertips!

Take your time to explore and pick out the designs that truly speak to your style. And here’s the fun part: once you’ve chosen your favorites, you’ll get an exclusive code. This magical code is your passport to customizing future Jobs, making each one a reflection of your unique taste and creativity, returning a consistent creative result.

Get ready to transform your artistic journey into something truly spectacular, with Style Tuner!

Have it generate 16, 32,… pairs of images, and pick the one you like best. Combine two or more styles! Every selection gives a new style code to use.

Whenever you find an image you like, with a prompt with a style attribute, you can find the underlying tuned style using: